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Expert Auto Repair - Your local Car Repair Shop in Lynchburg, VA



Oil Change          

     Full Synthetic & Synthetic Blend for Today's engines

Auto Suspension Repair
     wheel bearing replacement, tie rod ends, sway bar links
     ball joint replacement, axles, shocks, struts, control arm replacement
Brake Repair   
     brake pad replacement, brake rotors, master cylinder,
     calipers, hoses, steel lines, wheel cylinders
Transmission Repair     
     transmission replacement, transmission service,
     transmission repair, clutch replacement
Air Condition Repair and Service
      A/C Vacuum and Charge, compressors, evaporators and/or
      condensor replacement, hose replacement, orifice tubes
Cooling Systems
     radiator replacement, thermostat, water pumps, hoses,
     coolant flushes, radiator hose replacement, heater cores
Starting and Charging Systems
     starter replacement, alternator replacement,
     battery replacement, cable end repair
Service Reminder Lights
     check engine light & engine analysis
     oil change reminder lights
     A.B.S. anit lock brake analysis
     tire pressure warning indicators
Engine Repair
     timing belt and water pump replacement,
     spark plugs, fuel injection cleaning, valve cover gaskets
Fuel System Repairs
     fuel pump replacement, fuel filters, fuel injectors,
     concentrated fuel injection cleaning



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